Identify And Protect Your Home From These Wood-Eating Beasts

Termites can do a lot of damage to the structure of a property when they chew through wood surfaces. These key facts about termites in Maryland will help you quickly identify an infestation and learn how to protect your home.

Termite Life Cycle

At Eco Care, we notice that termites in Howard County are often most active during the spring months. When temperatures reach approximately 70 degrees, which typically happens around May in Maryland, termite swarmers emerge from their nests and search for locations in which they can set up new colonies. Once they have mated, kings and queens start their nests, and produce new workers and soldiers to fill their new home. After four to five years, the new colony matures, and termite swarmers once again leave to set up new infestations.

Termite Behavior

Termites have defined roles in a colony. Reproductive termites include the king, queen and secondary egg producers. Soldier termites defend the colony from other pests, while worker termites are the ones that we see building shelter tubes and causing damage around our homes as they forage for food.

Where To Look For Termites

Wood is a tasty termite snack, and it’s most common to see worker termites chewing their way through wooden structures. Look for holes in the wood and cracked or bubbling paint, or check for wood that sounds hollow when it’s tapped. Homeowners should also check their homes foundation for mud tubes, which termites build to travel between their colony and their food source. If these mud tubes are swarming with small, creamy white insects, it’s a sure sign that your yard has been turned into a thriving termite habitat.

Termite Treatment And Prevention

Termites love moisture. One of the best ways to make your home uninviting is to eliminate excess moisture. You can do this by fixing any leaks or cracks, diverting water away from the foundation, and keeping gutters clean and in good repair.  Also keep piles of firewood away from the house to avoid attracting this pest. Termite infestations can be eliminated by using eco-friendly baits, which can be applied to soil or wood.

What To Do If You See Termites

Effective treatment for termites in Howard County requires specialized knowledge and equipment and must therefore be applied by a professional pest management service. If you see termites, give us a call at and we’ll deal with the problem safely and effectively. Termites can be very destructive, and most homeowners insurance won’t cover the damage, so don’t let them dig in.