Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions We Get about Pest Control
We get a lot of questions here at EcoCare Pest Management. Here are some of the more typical questions we get.
How do I know if I need your services?

Typically speaking, you need EcoCare Pest Management when you have a pest infestation. That could be all kinds of insects or wildlife, but no worries because we handle them all! Take a look at our Pests We Manage page for a full list of insects and animals we can help you with.

If you’re not sure you have an infestation, it might still be a good idea to call us. We can assess the situation and propose a few options for elimination or management. Just remember—the longer you wait to deal with an infestation, the greater the chance the pest will do damage.

What type of pests do you manage?

We handle more than 65 different types of insects and wildlife! That’s pretty much all the native pests in the Central Maryland region (though we can also treat for invasive pests as well). Check out our Pests We Manage page for a full list of insects and animals we can help you with.

What do I do before and after a visit?

There are a number of things you can do to help us (and yourself) prior to a visit from EcoCare. First, be sure to save any specimens of insects and other signs (damage, droppings) to help us with identification. You can also send us pictures of the insects. If termites are discovered, do not apply any material yourself, as it could interfere with a professional treatment. Preparation for treatment varies depending on the pest problem and we can discuss all of your options.

After the visit, be sure to follow our technicians’ instructions carefully to prevent any further spread of the infestation.

I still have pests after you’ve treated. What do I do?
Depending on the type of pest we’re treating, you may see increased pest activity for up to 2 weeks after treatment. If after 2 weeks you still see signs of the pest, call us to schedule a follow-up visit.
Will treatments hurt my children or pets?
Your family’s safety is most important to us. For this reason, we use EPA registered products according to label directions. Children and pets should stay clear of areas undergoing treatment and can re-enter freely once the material has dried, typically one hour after its application.
Do over-the-counter pest control products work?
The truth is that it depends on the pest, the product, and the degree of the infestation. Not all products work equally well, and may be harmful if misapplied, even if they’re sold at most hardware stores. It’s usually best to get an expert opinion, even if you’re not sure if you have a major infestation.
How are your technicians trained?
For starters, EcoCare founder Erich is only one of a few board-certified entomologists (i.e. he’s a bug expert). Every technician who works at EcoCare undergoes extensive, hands-on training from Erich, and all employees regularly attend professional ongoing education courses to stay up to date on the latest techniques and products. Plus they have ready access with Erich, our founder and certified board entomologist, for consultations while in the field.