It’s summertime and the bees are buzzing! Now, when most of us see bees or any of their stinging brethren, we instantly think, “Run away!” And if you are near a nest, that’s the right reaction to have, especially if you’re allergic.

However, there are some circumstances where having bees (and potentially other stinging pests) in your yard can be helpful. Note that we didn’t say in your home; having bees, wasps, or other dangerous stingers flying around your home is never a good thing.

How can these little terrors help? We’re glad you asked. Here are a few ways stinging pests can actually be helpful.

If you love flowers or have a vegetable garden

It’s no secret that honey bees in particular love to eat and collect pollen. And to do that, of course, they need to visit flowers to feed. A funny thing happens when they do this. Pollen sticks to their body, which they often will bring back to the hive to feed the rest of their colony. But some of it will fall off as they flit from flower to flower, thereby pollinating the flowers. The result is more flowers!

This process is even more important when you have a vegetable garden. Most vegetables (and fruits, too) are really seed pods. That is, they carry the seeds that will eventually turn into more versions of the plant if planted. Vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, peppers, and others, all grow out of their flowers. But this only happens if the flower is pollinated, which is where bees come in. Essentially, the bee helps cross-pollinate, which in turn helps the plant to develop its fruit.

So, if you see bees flying around your garden—be it a flower or vegetable focused—let them be! (Sorry, we couldn’t help the pun.) They’re actually helping your garden to flourish.

If you want to produce your own honey

Ok, now, not all of us like bees enough to produce our own honey. But for those of us who love honey and are interested in watching one of the most interesting processes in nature at work, having a home beehive is a pretty cool idea.

Beehives are actually pretty easy to build, especially if you buy a starter kit. Of course, be sure to also get all the protective gear you’ll need. Home Depot offers some helpful tips if you’d like to explore this idea more.

Don’t hesitate to call us

Of course, if you see a lot of bees in your home, then it’s probably a good idea to call us. You might have a home infestation, and they might not even be the type to help your garden.