Maryland winters can be highly unpredictable. Some years, it’s like we’re living in a frozen, snowy wasteland. Other years, it’s like winter in Florida. Depending on the weather and temperatures, the types of bugs you might see in and around your house can vary. For example, in past years, milder winters have resulted in early appearances of stink bugs and odorous house ants.

Generally speaking, the colder weather causes most pests to hibernate, often in the ground, in rotten wood, or even your home’s foundation. Some insects pass the winter as larvae, eggs, or pupae (i.e., they’re in a cocoon), while other mammalian pests create cozy nests wherever they can. The cold weather makes them not as active, and therefore not as visible.

Many pests simply find a cozy place to hang out for the winter, and sometimes that place is your home. Not surprisingly, these pests are drawn to the warmer temperatures inside your home to seek protection from the elements. Here are a few that might make their way into your house over the winter.      


Spiders are incredible creatures, able to withstand colder temperatures because they are cold-blooded and use a sort of natural anti-freeze in their blood. They typically will look for a place that offers shelter, water, and an occasional tasty bite, all while they protect their eggs for spring. Winter allows them to hunt and eat other insects that hibernate, and they prefer dark, humid areas such as basements, garages, sheds, and attics. 

The good news about spiders, especially in the winter, is that they like to be left alone. So chances are you won’t see them too much.


Not all winter invaders are insects. Mice love to spend winter indoors when they can, and you’re more likely to see them if you live near a wooded area. Mice love to come inside because it’s warm, and there’s usually plenty of access to food, i.e., in your cabinets or pantry. They often spend the fall building a nest in closets, in attics or eaves, among the clutter, or the walls. They prefer dark and warm places. Frequently, you’ll hear them chewing cardboard or the wall (especially drywall), or you may see mouse droppings around the house.

Some Problems Require A Professional Solution

If you experience a winter infestation of bugs or other pests, don’t hesitate to call us! EcoCare Pest can provide you with safe, ecological options to eliminate even the most annoying pest problems.