Meet Erich Grove

Eco-Care Owner, Entomologist


Science-Based Pest Control

Erich is only 1 of 6 board-certified urban/structural entomologists in Maryland. That means with Eco Care, you have science on your side. For Erich, observing insects comes naturally. He’s able to use his extensive knowledge and experience to determine the problem, identify a solution, and quickly implement a fix.

What is an entomologist anyway?

An Entomologist studies insects and their relationship to humans, the environment, and other organisms. Entomologists have many important jobs, such as the study of the classification, life cycle, distribution, physiology, behavior, ecology and population dynamics of insects.

Having an Entomologist lead the Eco Care team is a unique and valuable asset to pest control. If you had a pest problem, wouldn’t you want an expert to identify and provide a solution you could count on? Eco Care implements an integrated, scientific approach to ridding your home of pests for good.

What kind of bug is that?

Ask Erich, our board certified entomologist. He’ll quickly identify your pest and find a solution for your problem.

Visit Ask the Entomologist, upload a jpeg, png, or gif of YOUR PEST for quick identification. Snap a picture, Erich will analyze it and contact you with a solution.

Erich has identified hundreds of pests like black widow spiders, odorous house ants, bald-faced hornets, fungus gnats and much, much more.


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