Warm weather has finally arrived in Howard County and Central Maryland and that means an INCREASE in pest activity. 

Here’s what YOU can expect to see:

Odorous House Ant colonies are ramping up their foraging activity in and around homes.

Carpenter Bees are quite active and will start drilling wood for nesting in the next several weeks.

Termites have been swarming inside homes since early March.

Various wasp and hornet queens (Polistes wasps, yellow jackets, bald faced hornets & european hornets) that overwintered have now emerged and are seeking out nesting sites. However, there is no need to be concerned at this time as it still takes about 24 days for the first workers to emerge from the nests (usually by mid-May) at which time aggressive behavior will occur.

Prevention Tip: This is a good time to remove unused firewood from next to your home (and from inside). Leaving it on the ground can and will attract mice and black rat snakes, carpenter ants and termites.