What’s brown, stinky, and wants to come into your home? It’s the aptly named brown marmorated stink bug, of course! Typically living outdoors when it’s warmer, as soon as September rolls around the stink bugs love to come inside to find comfort in your home. Unfortunately, that can make things a little uncomfortable for us humans.

That means that now’s the time to take steps to avoid an infestation! Here are few things you can do to protect yourself.

Turn Down the Lights

Stink bugs are naturally attracted to light, and they fly onto homes mostly during the day, once inside they head towards lights.

Fill in those Cracks

The end of summer and early fall is a great time to patch any holes or fill in any cracks around windows, doors, and other fixtures such as chimneys, siding, and utility pipes. By doing this, you’ll limit the places stink bugs (and other cool weather invaders) can get into your house. Be sure to use high-quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk, as they have longer shelf lives. Caulk and other fillers are generally inexpensive, making this activity an easy and cost-effective preventative measure. You should also cap or screen off chimneys. Stink bugs will often enter a home through the chimney.

Call A Pro To Do A Preventative Spray

You could try gently scraping them into a container filled with a water/soap mixture will drown them. Or call a pro if things are bad.

The only sure way to prevent an infestation is to use insecticide. That’s where calling a pro is a good idea. We can come and spray a protective coating of insecticide around the outside of your home. If you’d like to take strong preventative measures against stink bugs this year, call us. We take all the necessary precautions to protect you, your family, and pets, while also ensuring stink bugs won’t come in.

Eco Care is a family-owned pest-control company. Eco Care owner Erich Grove, a board-certified entomologist, uses science to get insects and other pests under control in Howard County and surrounding areas of Maryland and that means you have science on your side. If stink bugs are troubling you and your home, please call our office at 410-465-3709 or schedule treatment online.