Summer Fun Is Being threatened By Stinging Pests!

It’s that time of year again when our backyard cookouts, pool time, and other summer fun are all threatened by stinging pests. We’ve written in the past about the different types of stinging insects to look out for. Now it’s time to get a good idea of how to keep yourself safe, especially in case of a major invasion.

The challenge with most stinging pests is that it’s not always clear where they’re coming from. And, because most of them fly, they could even be taking up residence in a neighbor’s yard without your knowledge, only to invade when the moment is right.

Here are a few tips to help you ensure to keep your summer fun from being spoiled by stinging pests.

Cover Food And Clean Up!

One of the biggest attractants for most stinging wasps & bees is food. Sweet things like fruit and sodas are especially desired in the later part of summer. Some species can even smell sweets from miles away! The easiest way to deal with this is to keep all food covered if you’re eating outside. Be especially careful with open soda & fruit drinks as yellow jackets will often climb inside them. But second to that, be sure to clean up sufficiently once you’re done. That means wiping down any surfaces that food came into contact with and hosing down the patio.

Clean Out Your Can

In addition to making sure you clean up after yourself, it’s a good idea to regularly clean out your garbage can. Small particles of food and other waste can build up over time, creating a stinky mess for us, but something that’s quite interesting to pests.

Switch To Odorless Deodorant

As we mentioned, sweet smells attract stinging insects, and that can go for the way we smell. If you use a strong-smelling deodorant, you may want to switch to something more neutral while you’re outside. Additionally, avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes outdoors, as they can also entice these insects.

Call In The Pros

Of course, if you notice a large swarm or even a nest, be sure to call in a professional. Here are EcoCare, we specialize in providing environmentally-responsible services to rid your home and yard of any pests, stinging or otherwise. Contact us if you think you see too many bees, hornets, wasps, or other flying insect.