Say goodbye to sweltering summer temperatures and humidity, and say hello to stink bugs! As much as the cooler fall temperatures are welcomed, stink bugs have become a less-welcomed part of Autumn in Maryland.

These brown, shield-shaped critters prefer warm temperatures, which means that they like to seek out indoor shelter when it cools down outside. Typically, that means your home! And although they’re generally harmless to homeowners (though very destructive to farmers), they’re called stink bugs for a reason! They emit a pretty foul-smelling odor to keep predators away, and when they’re squished.

So, the first step to prevent stink bugs from making your home smell funkier than a high school locker room after a big match is not to squish them. Of course, prevention is the best method, and here are a few other things you can do to keep the stink bugs out.

Patch All the Cracks

Stink bugs can get into your home through various methods, but probably the top way they get in is through cracks around windows, doors, or other fixtures like chimneys and siding. They enjoy squeezing through small spaces, so take some time to inspect the entire outside area of your house for cracks. These can be in the foundation or your siding but also look for areas around windows and door frames.

Fill in cracks using high-quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk, which have better shelf life than other types. Also, replace any corroded or disintegrating weather stripping, creating a good seal for windows and doors.

Of course, this action has a bonus: By making your home more airtight, you’ll likely improve its heat retention and potentially lower your winter heating bill!

Fix All the Leaks

Stink bugs love moisture, and leaky pipes can be beautiful to a stink bug looking for a lovely winter home. Take some time to inspect all pipes and faucets in your home or wherever moisture seems to condense, such as in basements, attics, crawl spaces, etc. Use a sturdy silicone sealant to patch up any leaks you find, and make sure to dry the area out. If it’s still damp, consider using a dehumidifier.

Turn Off the Lights

Stink bugs are attracted to light, especially outdoor lights. Instead of leaving them on at night, consider only using your outdoor lights when you need them or switching to motion-sensor lights (these can also save you money in the long run).

Rub Windows with Dryer Sheets

We know this one might seem a little strange, but it works! Stink bugs can’t stand the smell of dryer sheets. Rubbing the screens and glass with them will transfer their smell to the windows and repel stink bugs.

Get Professional Help

Stink bugs might drive you crazy, but you’re not likely to get help from a psychologist!

The only sure way to prevent an infestation is to use insecticide. That’s where calling a pro is a good idea. We can come and spray a protective coating of insecticide around the outside of your home.

Call in the Pros

Call us if you want to prevent stink bugs from infiltrating your home this year. We take all the necessary precautions to protect you, your family, and pets while keeping stink bugs out.