Out of all the creatures that can invade your home, none are as annoying and difficult to get rid of as fleas. They’re annoying because they can get into anything—the furniture, the carpet, pantries, bedding, curtains, etc. Not to mention jumping on you or your pets.

They’re difficult to get rid of because they multiply so fast! Female fleas can lay about 25 eggs per day on average, and lay more than 2,000 eggs throughout their entire lifecycle. What’s more, that lifecycle can last as long a year if given the right conditions!

So what should you do if you find yourself (and/or your pets) itching and scratching because of a flea infestation? Here are a few tips that should help you fight back.

Treat Your Pets

This is the most important step in preventing a flea infestation in the first place and also in getting a current problem under control. Pets are the most common source of home flea invasions, so a little prevention goes a long way. You should consult with your veterinarian for what the best products are that they recommend for your pet.


Giving your home a thorough cleaning is another essential step to ridding yourself of fleas. That means the usual—sweeping or vacuuming the floor, carpets, and rugs. But don’t stop there. Clean pet bedding on a regular basis. Thoroughly clean furniture your pet jumps on. And if your pet likes to lay on your bed, be sure to launder your bedding. Just don’t forget to throw away vacuum bags and trash cans where you’ve dumped the fleas.

Call in the Pros

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the infestation won’t go away. And when that’s the case, you need to call in the professionals. We’re happy to help get rid of these pesky intruders in a way that’s safe for both you and your pets. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate for fighting back a flea infestation.