Bald faced hornet and European hornet colonies are well on their way to peak numbers in Columbia, Ellicott City and central Maryland. Have you seen them?

Bald-Face-Hornet-1Baldfaced Hornets 002

Bald faced hornets have markings on their head that are black and white and they build nests covered in a paper sheath that are approaching the size of a basketball by July.


  • They have 250-500 in a colony.
  • They are vibration sensitive. Don’t HIT the branch they’re on!
  • They are VERY, VERY, VERY aggressive.


  • They look like yellow jackets on steroids and usually construct nests in voids of trees and buildings.
  • They have 200-400 workers in the average size colony.
  • They are the only social wasp/hornet/bee to forage at night.
  • Often can be seen flying around exterior lights in the summer.
  • They are not as aggressive as the bald faced hornet.
  • They do PACK a pretty painful sting.
  • Bee suits are HIGHLY recommended when dealing with these colonies.

Some tips to keep HORNETS at bay:

  • Put safety first. They can sting numerous times. Call us!

There are safe treatment options for you and your family. If you have an infestation, give us a call.

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