Identifying Cockroaches and Water Bugs

“Is that a cockroach? A water bug?” “I don’t know, just kill it!” When it comes to the bug kingdom, there are many different species of bugs that can be mistaken for one another. Two specific species of bugs that are often confused include the cockroach and the water bug. Knowing what kind of bug is in the home can help homeowners deal with the problem correctly. So how can you identify which bug has invaded your home?


There are nearly 4,000 different types of cockroaches around the world, many of which can live up to four years. These bugs are considered non-aggressive insects but this does vary from species to species. The size of the bug also varies depending on the species. The typical American cockroach can be up to two inches in length. While cockroaches do not bite, they do invade homes and are more of a nuisance. Cockroaches are known as land insects and often wide in warm places in your kitchens and bathrooms. These bugs eat a large variety of materials including leather, bakery goods, glue, dead animals, dead skin cells, and plant materials.

Water Bugs

The water bug is a species of cockroaches, known as the black beetle or oriental cockroach. But the term water bug is a board term that refers to different kinds of little bugs including electric light bugs and brown water bugs. These bugs have a mouth that pierces and sucks on its prey. There are more than 1,500 different species of water bugs worldwide. Many of these bugs live in fresh water while some live on the surface of the water. They are oval shaped and have six legs. These bugs are much larger compared to cockroaches. These bugs do bite humans and their bite is extremely painful as they inject digestive fluid into the prey’s body and extract the liquefied tissue. These bugs are aquatic or amphibious so if your property is near standing water or has leaky pipes, you may have water bugs. They are often found in American in hot, humid climates. Water bugs prefer to hunt and kill their prey, which includes small fish, tadpoles, and minnows. They also like sweet-tasting foods like syrup and algae in swimming pools. Oriental cockroaches have also been known to feed off garbage and decaying matter.

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