Information You Need to Know About Cicadas

Cicadas are often known for the loud, almost deafening, sounds they make. But these pests are also known for their long lifecycles. The last time cicadas emerged was in 2004 and these bugs weren’t due to emerge again until 2021. So why are the residents in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia seeing cicadas already and do they pose a threat to you?

The Cicada Invasion of 2017

Cicadas come in different groups called “broods.” Cicadas that emerge every 17 years are a part of Brood V and Brood X emerge every 13 years. Although these broods are not supposed to be emerging this year, some stragglers are appearing one to four years early. But many entomologists suggest that the cicadas emerging right now belong to Brood VI that was first documented in the early 1900s. But others suggest these are early arrivals of the massive Brood X that is expected in 2021, making these cicadas four years early. While it may seem weird, it is normal for cicadas to emerge either early or late due to the weather patterns. Birds, pets, and squirrels usually consume these stragglers, making it unlikely they will produce enough offspring for more generations. So, what does this early emergence mean for your home and safety?

Are Cicadas Dangerous?

Luckily, cicadas are not harmful to humans. Although these pests may look prehistoric, they do not harm people or your property. These bugs do not pinch, sting, or bite. Wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts can help you to avoid touching these pests. Cicadas rarely cause plant damage and people and animals have even been known to eat them. However, letting your pets eat too much could cause digestion problems so try to keep them from these insects. Although these pests do not bite or cause harm, you may find them very annoying due to their deafening songs. The cicada songs are among the loudest in the animal kingdom with the decibels ranging from 85 to 100. For comparison, these sounds are as loud as a rocks concert or even a jet flying overhead.

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